• Twitter for mIRC

  • I signed up for Twitter quite some months ago, but have yet really found myself using it.

    I’m sure some of you are wondering what twitter actually is. The best way to describe it is a way to tell people you know what you’re up to. It fills the gap between emails and blogs.

    This way, your friends can find out what you’re up to without having to actually ask you, and only if they’re interested.

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  • Text editors revisited

  • As a web developer my main tool is my text editor, which I use for pretty much EVERYTHING from coding HTML, to PHP to perl. A text editor is an essential part of my day-to-day life.

    Meaning I need a text editor that I does what I want, the way I want it.

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  • Software

  • We no longer develops software, so here's some alternatives:

    We also thought you may find this software useful:

  • .cn domain scam

  • Today I received the following email from [email protected]

    [Note: If you also received this email, it’s spam, my advice is to delete it!]

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  • 10 reasons why phpBB3 sucks!

  • I've been using phpBBv2 for a long while now, on quite a few sites for one reason and another. I like phpBB because it's simple to use, for both users and admin. Things like the “ego search” are features I wouldn't want to live without.

    phpBBv2 was great, things like the templates, and installing mods was much to be desired, however workarounds appeared and we got used to dealing with them.

    Upon the announcement that phpBB3 was coming out I got excited. Now usually I wait until the first bug fix release comes out before I start using the product, however I wanted to start a new forum, so instead of installing phpBB2 I decided to try phpBB3

    This is what I found…

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