• What's wrong with low version numbers?

  • In a presentation entitled “Why I hate Django”, Cal Henderson (head of engineering for Flickr) said, that low version numbers makes him suspicious.

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  • Setting up a FreeBSD socks proxy server for use with mIRC

  • Update: Looking for the Try the Simple Sockets Server project page.

    I’m getting fed up with my current IRC BNC software. At the moment I’m using psyBNC, which means I have to connect to it like you would an IRC server, then issue commands to that to tell it to connect to the IRC server of your choice.

    I no longer need the features of psyBNC and decided that there must be a better way.

    At first I started looking at other, more basic BNC software, but then worked out that they work in very much the same way as psyBNC in the fact that you have to first connect to it, then tell it where to connect to.

    So I thought… What about a socks5 proxy?

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  • Tracking an IP address

  • In my job I have to manage lots of machines all over the place. Many of them are on windows.

    I often find tracking IP addresses to be a difficult task if they do not have a static IP address.

    So what can be done to keep track of an IP address?

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  • How to extract photos from an exe

  • I wasn't going to write about this, but I liked the solution (application) so much I had to shout about it.

    I was provided with a 30 day cd preview slideshow of wedding photos, and was asked very kindly to attempt to extract the photos from it so they could be viewed beyond the trial period.

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  • For VS While in PHP

  • Today I was coding a new PHP script, when I asked myself “should I use for or while?”…

    It’s a question I thought I should know the answer to after I spent a very long time researching 50+ PHP optimisation tips.

    One I hadn’t mastered was whether the for() function was faster than while() function, as both can be used for most types of looping.

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