• Universal Currency Converter TCL for Eggdrop

  • Update: This script is now part of the eggtcl project.

    This is a currency converter written in TCL for Eggdrop, which is similar to the ucc.mrc I wrote for mIRC.

    I used to use the xeucc.tcl, but that script no longer works and hasn’t been updated since 2008.

    !ucc 9 usd gbp

    Could not obtain results from, sorry!
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  • Alternative name servers

  • If you’ve ever had a problem with your ISPs DNS name servers then you’ll probably find this very useful.

    The domain name system (DNS) is a way of resolving a host name to an ip address.

    • Dns resolved to

    To do this, you need DNS servers or name servers, which are usually provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    Sometimes the domain name servers provided by your ISP go down or get overloaded and stop responding.

    If your computer is unable to resolve a domain name to an IP address, generally this means that you will be unable to browse the internet. Very annoying, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    So what can I do if my ISPs name servers go down? Use alternative name servers often known as public nameservers or public dns servers.

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  • How to convert an image to greyscale using PHP

  • I was trying to find a neat way to grey out some “powered by” logos for a website I'm developing.

    I remembered reading about this very thing in .net magazine/august 2009 (i191,p100), which said:

    “Sponsor and associate logos can be a challenge for a designer who is making a valiant attempt to create a cohesive website layout. Logos can be contrasting colour schemes and can be displayed at a wide range of different aspect ratios. When faced with this challenge, I recommend greying out the logos and having them appear in their respective colours upon mouse-over. When placing logos next to each other, I’d consider using visual weight versus actual size to determine spacing.”

    Samantha Warren @

    So, sure we’ve established that it’s a good idea, the question is how to achieve it…

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  • PHP OpenSRS Client

  • This is only a quick message to say that I am now developing the PHP OpenSRS Client project.

    OpenSRS-PHP is a PHP-based client class that communicates with the TuCows OpenSRS Domain Name Registry System via an API.

    I have just released version 2.8.1 with many long awaited fixes.


  • worldtime.tcl

  • Sometimes you need to know the time somewhere else in the world. I find it useful to get my eggdrop to return the time of another timezone…

    > .tz london
    <Bot> User, The time for the london timezone is Fri Feb 13 23:31:30 2009

    However, much like my old weather.tcl, I realised that my worldtime.tcl had passed it’s sell by date and had now expired.

    The old worldtime.tcl which was based on a script by Murf which used to gather it’s data had stopped working. It would seem that had changed their markup which meant that it was no longer possible to parse the correct data from the HTML.

    Never mind, I thought, there must be a better way, that doesn’t need to use a third party website, that won’t stop working. After all operating systems have worldtime build in without using a website, so how do they do it?

    So, I did some investigation… Read More »

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