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We’ve all been there. You want to network your computers and devices together around your house.

The problem arises when you realise that hard wiring isn’t all that fun and wireless can be unreliable and slow.

So what’s the solution? HomePlug!

HomePlug products use your existing household mains circuit as a communications medium for data and media, allowing you to easily extend your Internet access and expand your home network without drilling or making a mess.

You can easily access your network from any electrical power socket in your house and enjoy complete freedom and portability when choosing the location of your home/ office computers, laptops or games consoles. Particularly well suited to old buildings and houses, HomePlug adapters don’t suffer from typical wireless networking obstacles like thick walls and multiple floors.

It really is that easy… Just Plug In to your network!

There are currently 2 speeds of devolo dLAN products: the devolo dLAN duo Starter Kit supports speeds of up to 14Mbp/s – which is perfect for Internet access extension into any room; then there is the devolo dLAN Highspeed Starter Kit which will support up to 85 Mbp/s – perfectly ideal for

higher data transfer, and even video streaming across your home network.

You need a minimum of 2x dLAN adapters (Starter Kit) to start a network, however if you have more PCs to connect – then you can additionally purchase the single dLAN duo or Highspeed adapters for each respective


The entire devolo dLAN product family is compatible with the International HomePlug standard and can be flexibly combined to suit your individual requirements. There’s no easier… safer… nor more secure option for home networking!

Solve your wireless networking problems using your mains supply

Typical set up using 3x devolo dLAN adapters and sharing your Broadband Internet connection:



  • 1x dLAN adapter connected to the rear of your modem/ router via Ethernet
  • 2x computers just simply connected via their Ethernet ports to the dLAN adapters

All just plugged into the nearest power socket – and they all get on the Internet!

Looking for something a bit faster? Try the Belkin HomePlug products with speeds up to 200Mbps.