• Paperless office

  • The “paperless office“: a concept that dates back to the 1970s (before I was even born) with promises of the “office of the future” where record-handling would be electronic.

    We’ve come a long way since then, with the commercialisation of the Internet and the introduction of massive scale services such as facebook and twitter there has been an increase in demand for “cloud computing”.

    Cloud computing is essentially computing as a service, provided on-demand as you need it across the Internet.

    Once you begin to understand the technology that is now available to us, the concept of a paperless office is now a reality.

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  • Migrating IMAP mailboxes to a cPanel server

  • A customer got in touch with us and explained their situation.

    They need to setup their email on the go and configure some forwarders. Their issue was that they were never given access to the control panel by the account holder and have since lost touch.

    This unfortunately left them in a situation where they had no control over their hosting, they asked me to help them out.

    My task was to migrate their existing IMAP mailboxes to their hosting account on one of our cPanel servers…

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  • Change or remove programs is blank

  • Windows 2000 is a pain, especially these days when something goes wrong because none of the information or tools that we used to use are around any more.


    Who remembers that issue when you open “Add/Remove Programs” from an oddly positioned control panel only to be greeted by an odd jumble of strings:

    “Change or Remove ProgramsAdd New ProgramsAdd/Remove Windows ComponentsSet Program Access and Defaults”

    This message is followed by a blank change or remove programs window.

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  • Microsoft Office 2007 Downloads

  • One of my customers has specialist database software built on the FileMaker Pro database engine. The unfortunate downside to this is that certain legacy plugins they are using for FileMaker only support Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 and not the latest Office 2010. This means that any new systems need to purchase legacy versions of Microsoft Office, which seems to be almost impossible apart from purchasing old stock. I managed to find that a reputable retailer (eBuyer) had some suitable licenses in stock:

    • Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 – W/ MS Office Professional 2007 (Trial) – licence – 1 PC – OEM, MLK – Win

    As you can see, this is for Microsoft Office Small Business 2007, this include Outlook (unlike the Home and Student version) and Publisher (Unlike the Standard version or below). This license is suitable for their needs. One major downside to this is that “MLK” means “Medialess License Kit”, which means they do not supply a CD or DVD with this purchase, just the license key. Perfect, well almost: Where the heck do you get the media from? Read More »

  • Is Google PageRank dead?

  • PageRank is dead, long live PageRank.

    As we said recently, there’s been lots of speculation as to whether PageRank is dead or not. It isn’t, just Google are moving the goals a bit. Basically, they don’t want you to focus on PageRank but it’s still massively important to them.

    All this talk of dead, reminds me of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch, only in this case, it isn’t dead. An anti-dead-parrot if you will.

    So what’s with all the news about PageRank being dead? Google just changed their code, that’s all…

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