• How to edit a PDF file

  • PDF files are by nature not really designed to be edited by the end user, instead you’re expected to go back to the original source and change that before “publishing” it as a PDF file. Much like you would with a printed page.

    Sometimes however this isn’t always possible to go back to the source. Often because you lost the original source, you weren’t the original author or it’s based on data that you entered into a long-winded form and you don’t want to have to re-enter it all over again. Read More »

  • Unable to update nameservers: Nameserver doesn`t exist at the registry

  • If you have domains with TuCows OpenSRS you may be faced with this error when you try and set custom name servers on your domain through the OpenSRS manage interface:

    Unable to update nameservers: Nameserver [] doesn't exist at the registry.

    Especially if you’ve recently set a new glue up.

    Read More »

  • UX - Used Car Search

  • Searching for a used car is hard enough as it is.

    As some light reading on a weekend trip to London I picked up a copy of the self described “weekly free motoring publication”, AutoExchange from a rack inside a supermarket.

    Browsing the magazine, I found it very difficult to navigate through the various lists of used cars. Some are listed by type (4x4, Saloon, Hatchback, MPV, Estate, etc), while others are listed by make (Ford, Peugeot), while others were listed by price (often, high to low).

    Like user experience expert, Theresa Neil, I had come to the same conclusion.

    “I was shocked to realize how dependent I’ve grown on three simple features that just aren’t available in the analog world: search, sort and filter.”

    Theresa Neil, 2012

    I shared in this frustration of print and decided to go online when I got back to work to see the clever and intuitive ways the top “used car” websites tackle searching, sorting and filtering.

    Read More »

  • Concept: Randles Website 2012

  • The current Randles website is due an overhaul.

    The brief is create a new website for the Randles Motor Group to accommodate the new franchises while giving us the opportunity to introduce new technologies and take advantage of modern concepts.

    Here’s a sneak peak at the initial concept… Read More »

  • Announcement

  • As of April 2012, I have agreed to enter into full time employment.

    Initially for 12 months with a company very close to my heart that has been demanding my expertise more and more:


    The Randles Motor Group is a fast expanding, family business that already has Peugeot and Suzuki dealerships in Stoke and Stafford, with more to follow.

    I’ll be joining my mum & dad, my sister & brother-in-law in the company to support the demands of further growth as the group IT manager.

    Not only will I be expanding the existing IT infrastructure, but will be putting much needed IT network administration in place and leading the development of a new group website.

    What this means for:


    Unfortunately some opportunities to expand the business did not come to light and I have made a decision to begin winding down the business.

    I will honour any existing support agreements as best as I can until their natural end. Any ongoing services such as broadband or hosting will be transferred to another supplier.

    For now, I will also continue to take bookings for small jobs on an “as and when” basis, to be carried out on evenings or at weekends. Special arrangements can be made for “urgent” issues.


    I will still remain involved in the business as a partner but all day to day operations have been transferred to my business partner, James Henry.

    James Henry has agreed to continue to drive the business forward and supports the decision I have made.

    Phurix customers should continue to use the regular communication methods. Should you contact me directly about Phurix, please appreciate that I may not be able to get back to you as quickly as you’d hope.

    Other projects

    Most other projects (code, forums, blogs, single purpose websites, etc) should continue to run as normal without much interaction from me. However, please appreciate that I may have less time to contribute to them.

    I have considered reducing the amount of intellectual property I own and online real estate I manage, but no changes are planned at the moment. Announcements will be made if any changes are planned.


    The reason I have decided to do this is because it’s the right time. As Randles grows, I want to be more involved to ensure that they are making the most of their IT.

    My goal as Randles Motor Group IT manager will be to increase sales by developing a new website and increase productivity by improving the IT infrastructure.

    Taking this job has in no way been an easy choice, but it will give me the opportunity to really apply myself and allow me time to step back from everything else while I plan my next move.


    Hopefully you will continue to support me and can understand why I have made this decision.If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    • James Wade

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