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Today, the Dead Useful Project launches “Domain Search”.

It’s a project that’s been a long time coming in various forms.

I’ve always been fascinated by domain names and branding. I, personally spend quite a lot of time researching various names for projects so I built this to help speed up domain discovery.

The search results are arranged in an order from most popular to least. The bigger the circle, the more popular the domain extension (known as a TLD or top-level domain) is.

Finding the most popular domain extensions is done by first getting a list of allowed TLDs (ones that we’re actually able to check for availability), then getting a list of the most popular websites and then matching how many times that TLD appears in the list.

To find the most popular websites, we used the Alexa “top sites” which offers the top 1 million websites in csv (comma separated values) format, free to download.

As you can imagine, having a list of possible domains in an ordered list of most popular, arranged so you can see which is most relevant to least relevant will help give you an educated guess as to which domain you should choose (if at all) if your first, second, third, or Z choice is not available.


You’ll also find it much easier to see at a glance which domain extensions you can choose from. I’m sure you’ll agree it really takes any guess work out of which domain extension you should choose.

So, let the Dead Useful Domain Search help you find your next domain name.

Found a domain you’re looking for? Great, we’ve got a select number of registrars you can purchase them from, making the whole process as easy as possible.

I hope you enjoy using this project as much as I enjoyed making it.

You’ll need to keep your eye out for more dead useful domain name related tools.