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For the past few weeks I have been mostly working on eTicket.

eTicket is an open source Support Ticket System based on osTicket.

The reason eTicket exists is because no further development has occurred on osTicket since 2005, and unfortunately there were some major flaws found in osTicket.

Over time, many users of osTicket reported many of the known bugs onto the osTicket Forums, this made it very easy to figure out what the problems were and how to overcome them.

I myself had discovered some issues with osTicket and already coded some solutions. With this in mind I decided to take on osTicket as my own, and add the appropriate fixes and modifications.

There were some restrictions with working on eTicket from osTicket, this was the database structure. This is due to the fact that I understood that one of the most important things to users was that they would want to upgrade from osTicket to eTicket, the easiest way of achieving this was to keep the database structure the same and simply changing the files.

eTicket is now at the point where there are no known problems or bugs, the only issues that remain are features that require changes to the database structure (such as additional tables).

I hope to continue working on eTicket indefinitely.