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If like me you have ever received a PDF files as an attachment in an email, you will no doubt have heard of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Acrobat Reader (or simply Adobe Reader), as you probably know allows you to read the PDF files which have mostly been created by Adobe’s software suites or compatible software.

As you can probably appreciate, this affair with the reader has been going on for a long time, however every dog has it’s day, and this dog needs to be put down!

I for one remember the PDF format being used for manuals found on PC game discs and even software. Adobe Acrobat Reader was

often bundled with it as part of the installation process.

I distinctly remember Adobe Acrobat Reader v3.0 being bundled with McAfee AntiVirus when I bought it on CD all those many years ago.

If you have ever had the pleasure of using the reader, especially of recent, you will begin to understand the complaints about how slow the application is to load and use.

Adobe Reader had too many arguments

Enough is enough for Adobe Reader

Even more recently you may have heard about the security issues involving Adobe Acrobat Reader, however this is not the first time we’ve seen security issues, they started to appear in 2006.

As a consequence of this F-Secure (Computer Security Labs) has said stop using Adobe Acrobat Reader due to these kind of problems and trade it in for an alternative.

Don’t be fooled, there ARE alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader out there, some open source while others are simply freeware.

A popular freeware alternative is the feature rich FoxIt Reader, or the less so open source alternative SumatraPDF.

Not convinced? Perhaps I should get a bit more technical… The installer for Adobe Reader 9 is over 40 MB, installed that amounts to just under 235mb.

Compare this to FoxIt Reader’s 20MB and SumatraPDF’s tiny 1MB.

And all this is without even getting started on the ridiculous memory usage.

But, don’t take my word for it, there’s a whole website called dearadobe.com dedicated to complaints about Adobe and their software, specifically Acrobat Reader, many complaining about the unnecessary updates.

Okay, so I’m sure you can now appreciate what we’re up against here and must agree that Adobe Acrobat Reader ultimately sucks, but the question is… what can be done about it?

The solution is here, introducing:

NoAdobeReader – The Ultimate Adobe Reader Uninstaller!

No Adobe Reader is an automated uninstaller and cleanup application for all versions of adobe reader, all the way from the now ancient Acrobat Reader v2.0 to the very latest Adobe Reader v9.0 and beyond (since it uses a smart technique to detect which version you have) .

Why is it useful?

It means those of us who are fed up with the Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader or whatever they want to call it these days can run this application which will automatically uninstall it from your system regardless of version.

  • It will detect which version of Adobe (Acrobat) Reader you have installed.
  • The uninstaller will be automatically run in quiet mode – no interaction required.
  • The tool will cleanup anything left over when it’s done.

This means you’re FREE at last! Free from the clutches of Adobe, free to choose whatever alternative PDF reader you so wish, free from the bane that is Adobe Reader. Although, if you really wanted to, you could go ahead and install an old version.

Ultimately, the point is that you’re back in control again, you’ve got that choice.


To automatically install FoxIt Reader, download FoxitReader30_enu.msi, and run the following command:

MSIEXEC /i FoxitReader30_enu.msi /QN /NORESTART ALLUSERS=1