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Those that have one will be very familiar with the BT Home Hub.

As you are probably aware, the latest very is the black sleek look “BT Home Hub 2.0” broadband router.

However, some of you that have machines positioned a distance from the hub, where cabling is not an option are probably wondering what wireless adaptor is right for the “BT Home Hub 2.0”, and well you’re not alone.


Look ma' no aerial

After taking a look at the manual you’ll soon discover that the device claims it is compatible with WiFi that is “802.11b” and “802.11g”.

However, after a bit of further digging around online, I have discovered that the device also supports the newest draft of the Wi-Fi protocol “802.11n”.

I soon discovered that the most commonly used, widely used, and cheapest option was the Belkin N Wireless USB Adaptor, reporting a huge 110mbps up from 45mbps on the G version.

Sure there are other, more expensive options, but do they really offer that much more in terms of speed? I’m not convinced.

The Belkin N, N1 and N+ all suggest the Data Transfer Rate is 300Mbps, yet the N1 and N+ cost almost double the price of the N.

Sure the more expensive models may look nicer and support newer drafts of the protocol but ultimately, they don’t offer any additional speed, especially since this router only supports 802.11n “draft 1.0”, and not “draft 2.0” anyway.

You may also be interested in frequencycast.co.uk’s review of the BT Home Hub v2.0, which has a bunch of useful information.

You could also consider watching some “howto” videos on boosting your wifi adaptor, however you may find you get asked to turn your wok into what looks like a DIY satalite dish.