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W32Dasm (or Win32DASM) doesn't seem to exist on the map any more, but it's still a very useful programmers tool, especially if you like reverse engineering.

W32Dasm is a Windows 32-bit (Win32) disassembler. What it does is display the programs routines in assembly code, which makes it easier for you to trace what the software is doing.

I like to use this software every once in a while, but recently I found there were no decent sources for this software.

However, I soon located a copy that I had on my computer from a while back, in a directory named “w32ds893”.

The help file details a website which appears to be down, but there is an archived version.

This takes you to another now defunct site, which is also archived:

As you can see from that page you can download w32dasm v8.7 as w32ds87.zip, but not the latest version.

Below you will find “w32ds893.zip” which contains “W32DSM89.EXE“, which is the latest known version:

Original sourced is unknown but works fine.

  • w32ds893.zip in VirusTotal
    • You can safely ignore the TROJ_GEN.FCBHZJ1 as it is a false positive due to the nature of the software.

If you’re not comfortable using this, try OllyDbg or a similar alternative.

Note: If you have any questions or know of any updates, please feel free to add a comment below. Thanks.