• Gmail needs an API

  • Yesterday I spent some time investigating Google Wave. A very interesting new product from Google. Not only that but an interesting protocol.

    If you think about it, Google has mostly only used other protocols for communication in the past, now it’s creating it’s own. They clearly want to create a completely new protocol that will effectively be the future of these old primitive protocols.

    For this to catch on, it will either have to run directly along side smtp and xmmp or layer on top of them.

    We’re going to need a way to pass requests over http to smtp or pop3/imap, and what better way to do it than with gmail?

    Sure, but there’s no API…

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  • PlusFM Track Feed

  • Recently an online radio station I listen to called PlusFM stopped displaying track titles on their stream. This was a pain for quickly displaying the current track you were listening to, however I did figure out a work around…

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  • RemoveWGA

  • Back in 2007 I briefly wrote about Windows Genuine Advantage Removal.

    I have decided to revisit this topic after Microsoft released Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) recently and writing about how to remove the OGA notifier.

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  • weather.tcl

  • Update: This script is now part of the eggtcl project.

    Today, after I decided to hang out in #eggtcl on EFnet, someone asked the following:

    anyine know of a weather tcl that actually works? All the ones I find are outdated, or in another language…

    I decided it was time that I updated my old weather.tcl based on a script by Ycarus for eggdrop bots.

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  • The specified network name is no longer available samba

  • I keep getting this error:

    Error Copying File or Folder

    Cannot copy xxx: The specified network name is no longer available.


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