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It may seem obvious how to send your email to multiple email addresses.

You simply add all the email addresses to the “To” field, write your email and hit send. Right? Wrong!

Very wrong!

There is one very important rule to learn about when sending an email to multiple recipients and that is respect their privacy.

When you put all the email addresses in the “To” or “CC” field means that as soon as you hit send, everyone you sent that email to gets a copy of your mailing list.

So, what’s the solution?

The main objective here is to ensure that when sending an email to a customer that they are unable to see the list of recipients.

The most obvious solution is to learn how to use the BCC field for privacy in your email client.

Using BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is the easiest way of ensuring that you are not disclosing your mailing list to all of your customers, however it is not the best solution out there.

You may have seen MailChimp being used to send the DevotedIT newsletter and manage the mailing list.

MailChimp delivers a totally separate copy of your email to each recipient on your list, allowing you to personalize your content for each recipient, track clicks and opens, and address each email to the recipient’s name.

MailChimp is free and easy to get started with email marketing, so there’s really no excuse.