• exim on another port for smtp

  • When a business I know had trouble with their broadband I was fortunately able to get them back online by using the redundant mobile broadband on the router.

    The only issue then was that they couldn’t send email on port 25 through the Three mobile network.

    The solution is to change the outgoing SMTP from port 25 to port 587.

    Because I keep forgetting myself, here’s how you do it on cPanel:

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  • UK Business License

  • We recently had an issue with a US based company who asked us for the following:

    Copy of your business license via PDF/JPG scanned (preferred) and emailed or faxed

    We went on to explain that we don’t have a business license, they clearly didn’t understand and they proclaimed: Read More »

  • British fuel cost per mile

  • I was trying to work out how to estimate how much fuel was costing me per mile at the moment based upon my car's average mpg.

    It’s not so easy because you have to convert from miles per gallon to pence per liter, not only that but it’s an imperial gallon.

    Surely there’s a calculator out there that could do this for me to save me having to remember how to work it out.

    There wasn’t, but I had an idea.

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  • How to send emails to multiple addresses

  • It may seem obvious how to send your email to multiple email addresses.

    You simply add all the email addresses to the “To” field, write your email and hit send. Right? Wrong!

    Very wrong!

    There is one very important rule to learn about when sending an email to multiple recipients and that is respect their privacy.

    When you put all the email addresses in the “To” or “CC” field means that as soon as you hit send, everyone you sent that email to gets a copy of your mailing list.

    So, what’s the solution?

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  • 10 essential tools to install using ninite

  • Ninite is a very useful tool for making it easy to install software on a computer.

    All you need to do to get started is visit the Ninite website and select the software you wish to install.

    Once you’re happy with your selection of software, you select the rather large green “Download” button to download the installer.

    The Ninite installer will then automatically download and install the software you have selected from the website.

    You can just walk away and let it do it’s job.

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