• Ways to speed up your PC

  • I get lots of people asking me how to speed up their computer, more often than not, they don’t need to buy a new computer, there are things they can do to speed it up.

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  • Process: Creating a business logo

  • I enjoy branding, especially designing logos. It’s a process that requires various skills and some creativity.

    I first started to document this process back in 2008 when I created a logo for Devoted Media, but never got around to publishing it.

    I wanted to come up with a logo that was an instantly recognisable shape, but was unique enough to not be confused with anything else.

    Of course the logo didn’t always look like this, it started with a pad and a pencil…

    You can see the start of the logo I ended up with, with a few hearts in there which was meant to represent “devoted”.

    More hearts, more curves…

    Hearts and arrows, banners and scrolls… Here’s a reject I attempted:

    Back to the drawing board…

    You can start to see elements like the two pronged “d” of the final logo taking shape.

    Here was the first attempt:

    It was too 80s, too square, bring on the curves!

    Nice and curvy, but perhaps a little on the big side, let’s shrink that down a bit…

    Perfect, big, bold, curvy and modern. Love it!

    Here you can see the logo in it’s simplest form to show that it can be used in any form of media.

  • Has friendster been hacked?

  • I noticed an unusual email when I checked my Gmail account today.

    Sure it was spam, but this one was tagged with a “Password” tag, a tag that I used to filter any emails that contain an old password.

    Low and behold there was my password displayed right in the email. So, of course, the first thing to do was to check the email headers to see how the email was routed.

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  • Converting your logo to ASCII art

  • If you're a geek like me or you've just  seen Iron Man 2 you'll probably like the idea of having a custom motd display something cool when you login to your shell or terminal server.

    Sure, you can use figlet to create a text banner, but how cool would it be if you could display your own logo instead. Right?

    Can an image be converted into ASCII art?

    Challenge accepted.

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  • Replacing Outlook Express

  • Recently Microsoft have been running a campaign to get rid of their 10-year-old web browser, Internet Explorer 6. This got me thinking…

    What about Outlook Express? Outlook Express is as old as Internet Explorer 6 and has been included in Internet Explorer since version 4 until version 6.

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