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Over the past few weeks I've been assisting the creation</a> of articles regarding icon software on Wikipedia.

It started when I helped improve an article on “Icon Editors“, but because it lacked notability on its own, it was merged with the parent “Computer icon” article.

The list of “Icon Editor Software” then became a “List of icon software“.

So far, the list contains: @icon sushi, Axialis IconWorkshop, Greenfish Icon Editor Pro, IcoFX, IconBuilder, IconEdit2, Microangelo Toolset and RealWorld Icon Editor.

My favorite icon software for Windows is Microangelo Toolset, but since this is expensive, I’d probably likely use a freeware alternative such as IcoFX, since there’s no decent open source alternative yet. However, I have yet to try out @icon sushi and many of the others.

I am looking to expand the list, so if you know anything about icon software and can provide notability (such as a professional written review or tutorial) for it, that would be very useful.

The best reference for icon software I could find was an article called “Create your own icons” written by Karl Hodge (who often writes for one of my favorite magazines – .net magazine).

Although contributing to Wikipedia is satisfying, I can’t help but think that I’ve wasted far too much time on this, and I wouldn’t like to think my efforts are totally futile so perhaps one day an online magazine such as SmashingMagazine will use it as a base to review of all the popular icon software out there or perhaps even credit me for the content suggestion and it will have all been worth while.

Your feedback is welcomed.