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I found this out because Orange sucks.

It costs £20 to get your phone unlocked by Orange and the only way to do this is to contact them by phone, and the only way to contact Orange’s Customer Services is to call 150 from your handset or call 07973 100150. What if you’re deaf? What if your handset is broken? What if you cannot call mobile numbers from your landline?

This is why Orange sucks. Naturally, I didn’t pay orange a penny.

These are the steps to unlock the Samsung E720 phone:

  1. Put in the sim you want to use, turn it on.
  2. Enter “00000000” (8 zeros) as the sim code if it asks, it should now say “wrong sim”.
  3. Type *#9998*3323# in to your phone
  4. Press the top right button and hit Exit, the phone will reboot
  5. After you do this, you should be able to get onto the menu from there go to the settings menu and select security, go to SIM lock and it should be enabled, select disable and enter the code “00000000” (8 zeros).
  6. Switch off the phone
  7. Switch on the phone still with the sim you want to use in.
  8. Enter your pin code if requested, then enter the sim code as “00000000” (8 zeros).
  9. It should say “wrong sim” again.
  10. Type *#9998*3323# in to your phone again.
  11. Select option 1 (Task loop), the phone will reboot.
  12. Type *#9998*3323# in to your phone again.
  13. Select option 7 (“Jump to Null”), the phone will reboot.
  14. Type in *0141# (This sets the phone to the network on the sim thats in)
  15. Power off, and power on, it should work fine.


Note: You may need to do a “system restart” from the menu too.