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I have been on the lookout for a decent FTP Deamon/Server that runs on windows. Its not very often that I do require one, but every so often having one does come in handy.

I have tried the following software:

  • Serv-U – Over the years I have used this quite a few times, I never really liked it, and it costs over $49.95. I’m going to look on…
  • PureFTPD – Although there is a win32 release, its difficult to work with, no easy way to configure your server, it does not run in the background without 3rd party software, even though it does have a tray icon, but all in all its fairly useless — I couldn’t even locate the config file. This thing is designed on and for Unix, not Windows, as I found.
  • warFTPD – After much clicking around their website, I managed to actually download this software, only to be faced with a load more screens of clicking in the installation. The software installs to places you don’t want it to, and it asks questions you don’t really want to answer during installation. I decided to give this one a miss before the installation was complete.
  • Gene6 – Its good, the trial only lasts 30 days though and it costs over £30, I just don’t think its worth the price. Changing the port was difficult at first, but I figured you needed to add a domain first, and it worked, its a bit of an odd setup, but it worked.
  • RaidenFTPd – Costs over $19.95, however it was really really easy to setup. The problem was that the shareware splash screen was so annoying I could not seem to rid of it, it would not let me continue only quit, so I uninstalled it.
  • guildFTPd – This one was yet another dirty piece of software, hard to use and navigate, so much so you need to read their guide on it. I could not figure out how to change the port from 21 to another port. However it does turn out to uninstall very quickly and easily.
  • BPFTPd – Apparently its based on the old Gene6, it has a 15 day trial. Costs $34.95.

…and after all that I still have not got a decent FTP server for windows.