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The eggtcl project is a repository of approved TCL scripts for eggdrop that allow you to easily update them as new versions are released.

The plan is to maintain a library collection of good quality eggdrop tcl scripts to ensure the longevity of this project and the eggdrop project.

A dedicated team of highly skilled people will develop and approve only the best scripts for eggdrop.

The team:

  • FireEgl – notable for his Tcldrop
  • hrz – long serving #eggtcl EFnet channel op and script writer
  • Pixelz – eggdrop and Tcldrop contributor and script writer
  • simple – eggheads
  • thommey – eggheads and tclhelp.net

The project hopes to make poorly written eggdrop scripts a thing of the past and to become the official eggdrop tcl repository.

Check out the eggtcl project.