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The advise for any services these days is to change provider every 12 months to get the best deal. Your broadband subscription is no different.

If you’re a home customers and your usage is minimal then you don’t need to look much further than an

Ofcom approved comparison website.

I’ve used HomePhoneChoices to get myself a deal on my home phone through the PostOffice, you can even compare a combined broadband package too.

My advice has been in the past to look at your existing contracts.

Do you have any other home contracts? Such as mobile phone or Sky? If so, try there first, they should include calls and broadband for a cheap price.

If all else fails, there’s usually a ream of deals and advice on the MoneySavingExpert.com website under the phones section.

Plusnet is usually pretty good and pretty cheap but be warned, they are owned by BT now.

If you’re concerned about speed in your area enter your phone number and postcode into the SamKnows Broadband Checker.

This will tell you which providers have their own equipment in your exchange and may be able to offer you faster connections or cheaper deals. Otherwise it’s all done through BT Wholesale.

Beware, there aren’t many independent providers these days. TalkTalk owns Tiscali and AOL broadband now, as well as a host of others such as Pipex and Nildram.

If you really struggle with speaking to people in India or prefer to speak to someone based in the UK, avoid any mainstream provider and try Eclipse. I’ve had accounts with them for years and now have a reseller account with them too.

Zen Internet is still independent too, but not cheap.

It may also be worth checking the ISPA Awards now and again to see who’s on top in the industry right now.

If it’s just for home, your best bet is to choose the cheapest deal over a 12 month period and change every 12 months.

If it’s for business, pay a bit more and get support that’s based in the UK, at least for your main connection anyway.