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Here’s 10 reasons why I am using the Google Chrome web browser and why should should too…

  1. It’s fast! Google Chrome is 16x faster to be precise, well than Internet Explorer anyway.
  2. There’s Apps! Just like your mobile phone, Google Chrome has a web app store where you can very easily install plugins directly into your browser.
  3. Incognito mode! Sometimes we all need a bit of privacy, whether you’re buying a gift for your significant other or view something sent from dodgy Dave that he claims is hilarious. This is the ideal and seamless, you don’t even have to leave your normal browsing.
  4. It’s easy! Right from the off when you first start to install Google Chrome it’s very easy. The browser itself focuses on a consistent look and feel through the entire browser.
  5. Latest tech! Google Chrome is right at the cutting edge of technology, with support for the very latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 support.
  6. Geek stuff built-in! It’s got it’s own mini task manager so you can see exactly which website is using what amount of system resources. If a website is causing problems, you can just kill it instead of the entire browser. This makes the browser a very stable piece of kit!
  7. Smart updates! Google Chrome is automatically updated, they also use some smart technology to roll out quick fixes to reduce the possibility of a security risk.
  8. Bright future! Google are starting to roll out the Google OS (operating system), which will use Google Chrome, which means development is likely to continue for a long time.
  9. Easy migration! It’s easy to migrate over from your current browser, Google Chrome will ask you if you’d like to import your settings and bookmarks, or you can do it later once you’ve tried it for yourself!
  10. It works! Well of course it works, but it works particularly well with the stuff you already use, such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and well Google does.

Well there you have it. The next generation of web browsers is here and it’s called Google Chrome.