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There’s lots of ways to prevent a malware (virus or spyware) infection for free, here’s a list:

  1. Remove malware (You can’t prevent something that’s already in your system)
  2. Install free anti-virus software

_ * You only need one and so uninstall any others (such as Norton or McAfee) * You can download and register Avast! Home which is free for personal use

  1. Stop using Internet Explorer
  2. Updates
  3. Firewall
    • You should not need any more than Windows Firewall that comes with Windows XP or above, ensure it is enabled
    • If you use a modem (usually connected via USB), it is recommend asking your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to upgrade you to a router (for network or WiFi connection). If you’re not sure, call your ISP and ask
    • If you are using Windows 2000 or below, get Kerio Personal Firewall
    • You can test your firewall using grc.com leaktest or hackerwatch.org probe
  4. Block bad sites
  5. Filter your email
    • Make sure your mail provider uses spam filtering software such as SpamAssassin — you may have to ask
    • Consider using Google Mail (Gmail) instead since their spam filter is second to none
    • Ensure your mail is scanned by a virus checker, either by your host or by your computer

Hope this helps!