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Many users, particularly users of BT Yahoo! Broadband (btinternet.com) are having trouble understanding how to get to their BT Yahoo Mail on Windows Vista.

This is because on Windows XP BT Yahoo used to provide the BT Yahoo Browser, which was based on Internet Explorer 6 and now outdated, which means that BT Yahoo Browser is no longer available.

The latest version of Windows Vista comes is now on Internet Explorer 8 which many users can use to find their way to Yahoo Mail.

However, the problem is that many programs don’t know you’re using Yahoo Mail unless you tell Windows that you’re using that.

You will also notice that the “E-Mail” icon on the start menu is probably “Windows Mail” (Formerly Outlook Express) and you have no option to change this to Yahoo Mail in the start menu customisation properties.

To make yahoo mail default mail provider you need the Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

It’s as simple as that.

Once you have downloaded and run the Yahoo Toolbar setup, you’ll have the option to “Make Yahoo Mail your default mail provider”. Selecting this will tell Windows that it is your default mail program and update the “E-Mail” icon on your start menu. Which is nice.

So you don’t need to find your old BT Broadband CD and install the BT Yahoo Browser from that, just get the Yahoo Toolbar and you’re done!