• Are electric cars the future?

  • Are electric cars the future?

    For the past month or so I’ve been driving the all-electric Peugeot iOn, an experience that has completely changed my outlook on electric cars forever.

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  • Meet the ransomware trojan that has IT professionals worried

  • This week, for the first time I came into contact with the CryptoLocker trojan. A virus that encrypts all of your documents and holds you to ransom to recover them.

    This threat is very real and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s a game changer.

    I first encountered the problem when documents on a network share were “corrupted”, Excel files became unopenable. It was very strange, unlike anything I’d heard of.

    At first I suspected the hard disk or memory was at fault. It wasn’t. It was much worse.

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  • Should I upgrade to an SSD hard disk?

  • It’s always been my opinion that the hard disk is really the crux of your computer because it’s the only mechanical part that affects the speed.

    So I understand why it’s tempting to opt for a solid state disk (SSD) over a mechanical one. Read More »

  • Introducing the Dead Useful Domain Search

  • Today, the Dead Useful Project launches “Domain Search”.

    It’s a project that’s been a long time coming in various forms.

    I’ve always been fascinated by domain names and branding. I, personally spend quite a lot of time researching various names for projects so I built this to help speed up domain discovery.

    The search results are arranged in an order from most popular to least. The bigger the circle, the more popular the domain extension (known as a TLD or top-level domain) is.

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  • – The Failed Clone

  • Ever since my IRC (Internet Relay Chat) days I'd always wanted to write a clone, especially since it gained traction on twitter and Facebook. Since then I saw tinyurl crop up in magazines and all over the place.

    My question was: What happens if TinyURL goes down or is inaccessible? Those links would become unusable.

    I decided to make a clone, literally. It would mirror TinyURL, whatever string existed on TinyURL would be replicated on, as best as it could do anyway.

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