• Predicting the Future for 2017

  • Every year I have a little punt at predicting the future, just for fun.

    As such, it’s rare that I actually publish them, I usually forget. That is, until I’m made aware by an elegantly written article by some New York hotshot that happens to be thrust under my nose, by a colleague, friend or more often than not, a complete stranger, on a random news aggregation website.

    Each year, I’ll pick at most 10 things that I think have trended, and watch them unfold into a reality over the following 12 months. It’s fun, for me.

    Recently I’ve found that more often than not I’ve been bang on, on more than one prediction, while others, I’ve been way out. Its rare that I see a sort of mediocrity with my predictions, though they are usually the ones I remember either way.

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  • Protect our Children's freedom: Give Them Privacy

  • We need to protect our Children’s future by protecting their freedoms. Your privacy is a human right that is about to be compromised.

    In 2013, the Conservatives ran a campaign titled “Protecting Our Children”. A noble cause with a political agenda.

    Here we are in 2016, faced with the forthcoming Digital Economy Bill 2016-17 which outlines that broadband providers will be forced into the mandatory blocking of all “adult” websites.

    The original campaign outlined a number of points, which were unbalanced points of view that needed to be addressed.

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  • Will the last person to leave turn the LAMP off

  • We all love LAMP (that’s Linux, Apache httpd, MySQL, PHP), but the love affair may be coming to an end.

    According to Netcraft, the Apache web server has been overtaken by Microsoft, but that’s not the end of the story.

    When you start to look around, you’ll notice that the landscape has changed.

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  • UX Tips: Carousels

  • So what’s the deal with carousels? Why does everyone keep asking for them on their website?

    The problem usually stems from the question: What goes on the homepage? When the answer is: Everything.

    This results in a constant fight for attention where nobody wins.

    Let’s dive into the facts…

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  • Getting started with Docker and Wordpress

  • I’ve been meaning to get started with Docker since hearing about it in 2014.

    Having really enjoyed working with Vagrant, I’ve struggled to make a leap into the Docker realm.

    However, after hearing about it some more at PHP UK I feel that now is a good time to consider it as a replacement for my Vagrant environments.

    My understanding at the moment is that docker takes up less resources, which for me is becoming more and more of an issue as I attempt to expand my development environments.

    Also, I’ve recently inherited a number of Vagrants that I discovered have varying operating systems and application versions, that vary from production.

    This has unravelled a dependency hell when I came to build a continuous integration process.

    In light of this, at this stage, a complete rewrite of the architecture seems to be emerging as the most sensible way to bring all the services in to line.

    I’ll be looking whether I can solve these problems (amongst others) with Docker.

    I’ve chosen to get started with Docker by picking up one Wordpress. Due to its popularity, it makes it a good candidate to get started with.

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