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Siemens CX65 Review

3 minute read

I bought this on the 20/08/04 for £179.99, which actually seems quite a lot for such a phone, but it was not bad at the time for a brand new unlocked phon...

Mounting an ISO image

3 minute read

An ISO image usually refers to an archived copy of an optical disc such as a CD or DVD.

How to correctly make a PHP contact form

1 minute read

I use contact forms on many websites, and over the years I have discovered many problems with using them, including hijacking, mail injection, server hack...

Windows Genuine Advantage Removal

1 minute read

First of all for those that don't know, Windows Genuine Advantage or WGA is a peice of software released by Microsoft to validate your copy of windows whe...

Fax to email

2 minute read

Fax to email is perhaps one of the most interesting, oldest and most overlooked technology.