• Xen on CentOS Host running FreeBSD Guest

  • Recently i've been investigating Xen. In short, Xen is open source virtualisation software that provides you with the ability to split a physical hardware server (host or dom0) into multiple virtual servers (guest or domU).

    What makes Xen so special above the rest is that it offers such a wide span of guest operating systems. Read More »

  • My AVI files crash explorer.exe

  • Often when I am browsing files using explorer I will come across a file that is an avi, when I move my cursor over the file or click on it, explorer will crash with the following message (or similar):

    explorer.exe – Application Error

    The instruction at “0x04080db8” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “written”.

    Click on OK to terminate the program

    Click on CANCEL to debug the program


    Read More »

  • The requested URL /cpanel was not found on this server

  • If you run cPanel servers, then you may at some point experience this issue.

    The problem is when you attempt to visit “” and you get the following message or similar:

    The requested URL /cpanel was not found on this server.

    The requested URL /whm was not found on this server.

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  • email address on your website

  • This is something that people don't seem to realise, and although I tell them over and over it seems to go ignored.


    The reason is that spam bots crawl websites and gather email addresses, then place them into a list ready to spam.

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  • Motorola V3X Review

  • I HATE this phone, here's why… Read More »

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