• Have backlinks become irrelevant in 2017?

  • In 2017, are links still relevant and important?

    I developed a keen interest in SEO in about 2005, especially as the software I had developed lead me to become a domain authority, which, at the time, allowed me to rank highly for pretty much anything.

    By 2007 I had written an SEO FAQ to address some of the common concerns raised by users.

    A lot has changed since then, yet it’s interesting to see that the fundamentals haven’t really changed.

    Can the same be said for backlinks?

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  • Are we on the verge of 3D printers at home?

  • In 1977, Ken Olson, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation said “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home”.

    In the 1980s, Bill Gates said that he wanted a computer on every desk and in every home.

    When 3D printers became mainstream amongst hackers and hobbyists in around 2010, it was set to become the next big thing.

    It was a brand new and exciting form factor.

    Futurologist Jeremy Rifkin claimed that 3D printing signals the beginning of a third industrial revolution.

    But I don’t see it that way…

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  • Is naming things really that hard?

  • There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

    – Phil Karlton

    Naming is a topic that I’ve covered before, in a post on my blog. My previous post was about creating a unique company name and it was pretty popular. It is probably the most commented on post on my blog, at least it was until I got outranked on search engines by arguably better articles and applications.

    Naming a company, a team, a project and that kind of thing is really about choosing a nickname or a code name. It’s akin to naming a pet or even in some cases your kin (see Apple Lisa).

    Probably my favourite story in naming is the one that describes that bird we call a Turkey. However, that kind of naming is different to the naming I wanted cover here, which is a much more pressing subject:

    “Functional naming”

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  • That Testing Pyramid

  • Today I want to talk about that “Testing Pyramid”, you know the one, that one, Martin Fowler calls it a “Test Pyramid”.

    It’s the one that has UI at the top, Service in the middle and Unit at the bottom.

    This “test pyramid” was a concept developed by Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software, described in his book Succeeding with Agile.

    As Martin puts it:

    “Its essential point is that you should have many more low-level unit tests than high level end-to-end tests running through a GUI.”

    So what’s the problem?

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  • Predicting the Future for 2017

  • Every year I have a little punt at predicting the future, just for fun.

    As such, it’s rare that I actually publish them, I usually forget. That is, until I’m made aware by an elegantly written article by some New York hotshot that happens to be thrust under my nose, by a colleague, friend or more often than not, a complete stranger, on a random news aggregation website.

    Each year, I’ll pick at most 10 things that I think have trended, and watch them unfold into a reality over the following 12 months. It’s fun, for me.

    Recently I’ve found that more often than not I’ve been bang on, on more than one prediction, while others, I’ve been way out. Its rare that I see a sort of mediocrity with my predictions, though they are usually the ones I remember either way.

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