• How to search by nearest UK postcode in PHP

  • Often clients ask me to create a function where by a visitor can come onto their website, there they can enter in their postcode, the idea is to then display the closest location based on locations in a database.

    Aim: To display details of a predefined location that is closest to the visitor based on the postcode they enter.

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  • Correct Documents and Settings folder on Windows 2000

  • Today I get a frantic call from a client who's experiencing a little bit of trouble with his laptop.

    “When it all loads up, it’s not the same as normal, my Outlook icon is missing, I can’t get to my email and my favourites are gone from Internet Explorer.”

    He’s using Windows 2000, so my immediate suspicion is that he’s logged on as another user by mistake, so, it should be nothing more than a 5 minute job right?

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  • How to Copyright your website

  • People often ask me how to go about getting their website copyrighted, this is my advise…

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  • How to create a boot CD for Windows ME

  • Today I was given a machine that has Windows ME installed (Yes, Windows ME sucks, I know).

    Outline of the situation:

    • The user wants windows restored to a working state.
    • It does not boot into windows, reinstall is required.
    • I do not have the original setup disc, only the setup files.
    • I have no floppy disk drive to create a boot disk.
    • I need a bootable CD with the installation files on.
    • The user only has a license for Windows ME.
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  • Win32 Virtob/Virut removal

  • Today I got handed a machine riddled with a virus that avast! detects as “Win32 Virtob“, also known as “Win32 Virut“.

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