• eCommerce shopping cart software

  • So you've got a shop, or perhaps a new product range and you want to build a website so you can sell online.

    What you need is some kind of web based eCommerce shopping cart system, the question is which?

    I decided to build a short list of web based eCommerce shopping cart software out there.

    The scenario is this, you have a client who wants an eCommerce solution, they are paying you, but not nearly enough, you’re doing this as more of a favour. You started to develop a solution for them, but felt their feedback wasn’t sufficient which would ultimately lead to missing things out, and it probably wasn’t worth it anyway. What is needed is a base platform to build upon.

    The rules are this, it must be open source, and it must work out of the box.

    Please remember, this is based purely on my options, by all means, take them on board, and form your own options.

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  • Create a unique company name

  • When trying to create a unique company name for your business, I found that there was a three step approach to creating a unique name.

    When I was developing a new company name, I created about 20 using this method, each time I would follow the steps through to create a name that was appropriate, unique and usable.

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  • Marketing Concepts

  • Some people find it difficult to get to grips with marketing concepts, so here's some real life examples to get you started.

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  • Storing mySQL database settings for php and perl in one file

  • I have a situation where there's two scripts.

    1. The main core of the code which is PHP based.
    2. A perl script which is called by the mail server for parsing incoming mail.

    Both of these scripts require database access to the same database.

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  • Rip and decode mp3s via myspace music player

  • I'm always looking for new ways to get my hands on mp3s, this is yet another way, thanks to myspace.

    I figured out that there must be a way we can get our hands on the actual mp3 files found on the myspace music player.

    All we had to do was decode their site so we are able to grab their mp3s.

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