• 10 wordpress performance optimisation tips

  • I wanted to prepare my wordpress powered blog for an influx of traffic from social media sites such as or, in case one of my articles got big, so I decided to investigate what could be done to optimise the performance my blog.

    This is the result…

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  • Arrange icons by modified in a music folder

  • Windows XP often does some really annoying things, such as automatically customising a folder, changing it's kind into “music”, when it detects that the folder contains music files.

    Although for some people this might be useful, for me it’s not. Often I’ll want to sort the files in a folder by different fields, NOT the ones that music folders have.

    Easy, I thought, it’s just a case of changing the folder customisation kind back to “Document”. Wrong.

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  • Samsung ML-4500 XP driver install

  • I decided I was finally fed up with my Epson Stylus C46 bubble jet printer, and decided that I don't really need it anyway.

    Everything I print only needs to be in black and white, and anything else I can print onto the HP Photosmart 3110 All-in-one that I have located in the room on another machine.

    So now it’s time to get serious, I decided to use a Samsung ML-4500 laser jet I had lying around spare.

    Only, how do you install this thing on Windows XP?

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  • How to bulk convert WMA to MP3

  • So you just downloaded an entire album, and it's in .wma (windows media audio) format, and you, of course, like any normal person want it in the .mp3 format.

    What do you do?

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  • No Message Alerts Problem on Nokia N95

  • A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the alerts for text messages has mysteriously gone missing and completely stopped working.

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