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What is a valid email address?

17 minute read

With the on-going abuse to email based systems, we are in need of ways to validate the email addresses we're handling.

Firefox “Always On Top” on Windows XP

1 minute read

When watching long streaming online videos I often watch them while I do other things, perhaps even browse other websites. I need something to keep firefo...

Seen script for mIRC updated

1 minute read

Looking for someone? huh? Well, look no further, this script is designed to keep log of people quiting, parting, being kicked out of and changing their ni...

50+ PHP optimisation tips revisited

6 minute read

After reading an article some time ago entitled “40 Tips for optimizing your php Code” (and some others that are suspiciously similar), I deci...

Geek in the Park 2008

less than 1 minute read

It's about this time that geeks start to think about things to do over the summer.