• When broadband fails

  • The best part of last week I spent trying to resolve an issue for a business who was experiencing downtime with their broadband.

    The broadband was working fine, nothing had changed, then it went off.

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  • C:\Windows\Installer overload!

  • If like me you’ve recently come across a computer where the “C:\Windows\Installer” directory is overloaded then you’ve probably used something like TreeSize Free or WinDirStat to figure this out.

    What I was wondering is “why is it taking up so much space?” Read More »

  • No More Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • If like me you have ever received a PDF files as an attachment in an email, you will no doubt have heard of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Acrobat Reader (or simply Adobe Reader), as you probably know allows you to read the PDF files which have mostly been created by Adobe’s software suites or compatible software.

    As you can probably appreciate, this affair with the reader has been going on for a long time, however every dog has it’s day, and this dog needs to be put down!

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  • Wireless adaptor for the BT Home Hub 2.0

  • Those that have one will be very familiar with the BT Home Hub.

    As you are probably aware, the latest very is the black sleek look “BT Home Hub 2.0” broadband router.

    However, some of you that have machines positioned a distance from the hub, where cabling is not an option are probably wondering what wireless adaptor is right for the “BT Home Hub 2.0”, and well you’re not alone.

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  • Using Your Own URL as Your OpenID with WordPress

  • Today I decided to join, which requires you to login using OpenID.

    It was pretty simple to get signed up with, but while I was on the stackoverflow login page I noticed a little message which I found interesting: Read More »

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