• The Google Translate recursion bug

  • Recently I found a bug in Google Translate. It's not damaging, but it is interesting.

    What I have discovered is that when you use a certain string, the Google Translate frame inserts itself into the main frame, causing it to load again within that frame, in turn this causes it to reload within that frame and this continues until your browser decides it’s had enough and stops (or in the case of Internet Explorer, until it locks up). This kind of self-looping is often referred to as recursion.

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  • How not to use PHPMailer

  • I came across PHPMailer usage the other day on a Chinese gadget wholesale site “”.

    If you submit something via their contact us form, interestingly you appear to get a dump from PHP telling you all about the PHPMailer object.

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  • Fix Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Photoshop (.psd) Thumbnail Icons for Windows Explorer

  • If like me you don’t like using Adobe Bridge and instead like to see thumbnail icon previews of your Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (.ai, .eps and .psd) files in Windows Explorer then this is the fix you need.

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  • How do I make Yahoo Mail default mail provider in Vista?

  • Many users, particularly users of BT Yahoo! Broadband ( are having trouble understanding how to get to their BT Yahoo Mail on Windows Vista.

    This is because on Windows XP BT Yahoo used to provide the BT Yahoo Browser, which was based on Internet Explorer 6 and now outdated, which means that BT Yahoo Browser is no longer available.

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  • Adding fonts into photoshop without adding them to windows

  • If you use Photoshop for any kind of graphic or web design, you'll understand the importance of having an array of fonts to choose from.

    However, you may soon find yourself with a font overload. The problem is that once you get over about 1000 fonts in your Windows directory (usually “C:\Windows\Fonts\”) you’ll find that windows becomes very slow, particularly at startup.

    To get around this, you don’t add the fonts to Windows, instead you add them into Photoshop, which is able to handle many more fonts than simply loading them into Windows.

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