• Ways to prevent malware infection for free

  • There’s lots of ways to prevent a malware (virus or spyware) infection for free, here’s a list: Read More »

  • Customising the Netgear DG834G

  • I started writing this article a long time ago, however after researching the DG834G I soon found many more articles and sites dedicated to hacking or customising the Netgear DG834G router.

    Recently I have discovered that many of these sources are now going offline. The thing is about this router, even though it has been around since at least 2004, is that it is still in use and more importantly, still available to purchase, yet hardly changed in price.

    So, the purpose of this article is to provide you with information on how to customise your Netgear DG834G router. I hope you find it useful.

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  • Why I should probably buy a Mac

  • For a long time now, I have most of my allies have remained very much in the Windows and Linux camps, almost to the point of me being anti-Mac. I’m certainly no fan boy.

    My main gripe with the Apple Macintosh is that people buy them for the wrong reasons. (Eg: Macs gets fewer viruses; Macs just work; Windows is rubbish), but now I thinking of investing for a similar reason, but this time, it’s a good one:


    One thing you can’t deny (regardless of what camp you’re from) is the fact that Apple is successful, and not just Apple’s products and marketing which is undeniably successful, but also what people have created using nothing more than an Apple Macintosh.

    From graphic designers to web developers to music artists, Macintosh has become the must have tool to get the job done, well, not just done, but done very well.

    You only have to look at the likes of the instant hit electro group “Justice” who created their first few tracks using only the GarageBand software that comes pre-installed on the MacBook or, for that matter any graphic artists at any graphics studio to realise the extent of success, not only that but look at the recent inclusion of Ruby on Rails for web developers (to create web applications) which is now distributed with Mac OS X to begin to understand the success I’m talking about.

    So what is it that breeds this success?

    Well, it all started with the iPod. I realised this after reading an article all about the success of the iPod called “Inventing the wheel” (surprisingly) in this months FHM while I was away in the Lake District.

    The article also talks about the history of Apple, and how the failing company was brought back to life by an angry Steve Jobs and his team.

    Steve Jobs had a history of success in the form of Pixar and NeXt, before being hired back by Apple. Because of this success, it meant that people such as engineer Tony Fadell would blindly jump at the chance of working with him.

    The iPod is probably the single most successful digital device to ever exist, selling over 200 million units since its launch in 2001. The success of the iPod has spawned the success of Apple and their latest products. Essentially Apple is now selling success and I want a piece of that.

    I figure that if I want to build successful websites and web applications, I need the right tool for the job, one that breeds success and improves productivity.

    I already have brilliant ideas; I just need to turn them into reality.

    I get it now. I need a Mac.

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  • Lame Botnet

  • Yes, my botnet is pretty lame, but it's also kinda cool. I'm not talking about anything bad though.

    My botnet is an eggdrop botnet that I use on the EFnet IRC network and it runs a script I called “lame”.

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  • Extend Blackberry ring time

  • I have a Blackberry Pearl 8900 on O2, I've had it a while now.

    One big gripe I had with it is that the ringer doesn’t last long enough.

    By the time I’ve pulled it out of my pocket, taken it out of it’s pocket, and assessed whether I want to answer the call, it’s already too late, especially if I’m in the middle of doing something else.

    So, I can’t expect it to be perfect, but surely the ring time can be extended or increased? Here’s the solution…

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