• Remove OGA Notifier

  • I had a call today about Microsoft OGA (Office Genuine Advantage) Notifier becoming an annoyance for a client.

    Office Genuine Advantage covers Office XP, Office 2003 and the 2007 Microsoft Office System.

    It had to go…

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  • Pingotron

  • I've been meaning to publish a post about Pingotron for some time now, but now I fear it's already too late.

    Quite a few months back I was looking for an application that could sit on my desktop and tell me instantly if any of my servers had stopped responding by ping.

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  • EFnet UK

  • On Sunday July 19 2009 Hardy announced on the EFnet website that Demon Internet will be delinking and from the EFnet IRC network in August.

    For me, it marks the end of an era. There are no more UK IRC servers on the EFnet IRC network.

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  • cssbase

  • Yesterday marks the day that I took over the “cssbase” project.

    CSSbase is a html and css base framework that has been developed to make web site development quicker and more efficient.

    I hope to continue to maintain this project for all to use freely.

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  • jQuery sucks at browser detection

  • This week i've been tweaking a little site I've started called ““, which is designed to assist people who don't know whether their browser is up-to-date or not.

    At first I thought this would be simple, because I knew jQuery had browser detection and had a variable called jQuery.browser.version, which would be very useful for checking the browser version, or so I thought.

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