• Enhanced: Randles Navigation

  • After discussing website improvements with the Randles Motor Group marketing manager we decided that the website needed a new navigation menu with simple requirements:

    • Accommodate additional pages
    • Improve search engine visibility
    • Improve user experience
    • Less white-space

    Originally the navigation was a flat horizontal menu at the very top of the page, which had a “hint” saying “Browse our website” with an arrow to make it obvious to novice users that this is how you navigate the website.

    To tackle the criteria I did the following:

    • Adding sub-menus to accommodate the new pages and improve visibility.
    • A menu bar was created across the width of the page which separates the header from the footer filling any undesirable white-space.
    • The more familiar look and feel of the menu bar with the drop down menus gives the end user a better experience as it is more familiar to them.

    I’m sure you’ll agree that the new menu is an improvement on the old, and if not, let me know!

  • The Logo For Wade Be Is Here The Criteria For

  • The logo for is here!

    The criteria for the logo was to be instantly recognisable, easily adaptable and subtlety intriguing.

    I’ve become increasingly fond of the “Journal” typeface so I’ve decided to use it in the design.

    I added the asterisks to draw the viewer to it in the same way as you would take note of a footnote at the bottom of an article.

    The logo will generally appear white in colour on a dark grey background, but equally can appear grey on a white background.

  • Welcome

  • So, It's begun!

    Here I will begin to document and log my business, enterprise and web development.

    Watch this space!

  • Over sixteen ways to obfuscate e-mail addresses

  • Back in 2007 I wrote about email addresses on your website and how to avoid putting your email address in plain text.

    A guy I know, named “csarven” also wrote about methods to hide email addresses from page source providing over 16 concepts for hiding your email address.

    This was useful, but not practical, so I decided to write a PHP class…

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  • How to find the fastest CVSUP mirror server

  • Some time ago I wrote about using fastest_cvsup, to find the fastest cvsup mirror server for use with csup on FreeBSD.

    fastest_cvsup is a system utility written in Perl that finds fastest CVSup mirror server for FreeBSD, OpenBSD or NetBSD.

    Here I’m going to tell you how to get started…

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