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Enhanced: Randles Website Layout

less than 1 minute read

A couple of days ago we launched the new look Randles website. To the untrained eye the site may not look that different. The main purpose for introducing...

(Not so) Sharp printer stuck offline

1 minute read

A client called explaining to me that they were unable to print to their Sharp MX-1800N network printer. Upon inspection it said that the printer was “Offlin...

Google’s Official Profanity API

2 minute read

Recently a list of “bad words” were made available through Google's new website which asks: “What do you love?” (

The rise and fall of WhoisX

3 minute read

WhoisX is a domain name lookup service, similar to the whois service provided by “domain tools”, but ours was primarily for UK domain names.

What is my IP?

1 minute read

An IP address is a unique number which identifies a machine on a network.