• Welcome to the DeadUseful Project

  • Well, it's finally here.

    It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally transitioned to The DeadUseful Project.

    The DeadUseful Project is an amalgamation of some useful tools I created for myself, but then developed them for others over a few years.

    My goal for this project is to keep my creativity alive and continue to develop my skills, while putting existing projects to work to earn a passive income.

    Well, that’s all for now, but watch out for the new tools.

  • New for 2014: The DeadUseful Project

  • Introducing a new home for my projects.

    I’ve began amalgamating some useful tools into a new entity that I’ve had under my belt for a while.

    This new project will be outlet for me to develop web tools, release code and blog about it. I call it “The DeadUseful Project”.

    There’s already some projects you may be familiar with:

    For 2014:

    • Blog Goes Live
    • New Projects
    • Open Source Code Releases
    • Twitter Updates
    • Project Updates

    Watch this space.

  • Google’s new logo

  • Google’s new logo. It’s official: flat is the #1 design trend for 2013.

  • Finally watched the last episode of...

  • Everybody Dies Finally watched the last episode of the last series of HouseMD last night.

  • The paradigm shift

  • The next “computer” you buy will be a paradigm shift, a change in the way of thinking.

    We’re already at a point where we can have a paperless office. The ability to scan to a searchable PDF combined with the ability to print to a PDF file and email, as well as “the cloud” providing instant online backup all means that there’s no longer any need to print a paper copy.

    The web is changing into something that is no longer a case of “mobile web” or normal web, it’s all about responsive design, one web that will work on any device.

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